Spare parts for zoom recorders and pedals

Zoom spare parts


  • H1

    spare parts for zoom H1 recorder

  • H1n

    remplacement parts for Zoom H1n handy recorder

  • H2n

    Spare parts for Zoom H2n recorder

  • H4n (SP)

    Spare parts for Zoom H4n recorder

    Most parts are coming from defectives products under manufacturer warranty.

    These parts are all tested ok before being listed.

    The H4n is now obsolete, so parts are available in very limited quantities. If you're interested in an "out of stock" part, please add your email to be notified when it is back in stock, we have no schedule.

    If a part is not listed, then it is NOT available, please don't ask by email.

  • H4n PRO

    Spare parts for Zoom H4n pro recorder

    Parts are compatible with Black versin (BK) or not. Differences are on the color or texture, they are mechanicaly compatible.

  • H5

    Spare parts for Zoom H5 recorder

  • H6

    Spare parts for Zoom H6 recorder

    Most parts are compatible with the Black version, but differences exist and may prevent a correct assembly or unit functionnality. Product pages give you relevant information when necessary.

  • H8

    Spare parts for Zoom H8 recorder

  • G3n/G3Xn

    Spare parts for Zoom G3n et G3Xn

  • G5n

    Zoom G5n spare parts

  • F1

    Replacement parts for Zoom F1 recorder

  • F4

    Zoom F4 field recorder Spare parts

  • F6
  • F8

    Spare parts for Zoom F8 field recorder (not compatible with F8n)

  • Q2n

    replacement parts for Zoom Q2n camera recorder

  • Q4n

    Replacement parts for Zoom Q4n

  • Q8

    Spare parts for Zoom Q8 camera recorder

  • R8

    Zoom R8 recorder replacement and spare parts

  • R16

    Spare parts for Zoom R16 digital recorder

  • R24

    Spare parts for Zoom R24 digital recorder

  • B1/B1Xon

    spare and replacement parts for Zooom bass multi effect B1on and B1Xon

  • H3-VR

    Spare parts for Zoom HR VR H3-VR

  • F 6

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